Yosemite/Crater Lake/Olympic NP, Aug-Sep 19

I am cheating a bit, this was two separate trips. We went to Reno for a Tesla Gigafactory tour in early August, with a stop in the Tioga Pass area of Yosemite on the way. We saw wild horses, and visited the  Animal Ark, Then over Labor Day we did a Pacific Northwest road trip:

Depart Thursday Aug 29 8 pm. Fully charged Tesla Model S85. 12 hours Mt Shasta, breakfast at the original Black Bear Diner. Drive up to Panther Meadows Campground. Then drive towards Klamath Falls with a quick drive of the Lower Klamath Wildlife Refuge loop road – just a few raptors. Check in to Harriman Springs Resort cabin and have a yummy dinner at the restaurant. RV charge point available for the car.

Saturday am canoe Upper Klamath Canoe Trail, pelicans, beaver dam. Crater Lake national park for dinner and sunset and milky way viewing. Harriman Springs Resort again.

Sunday Sep 1 arrive late afternoon at Lake Cushman area VRBO for 3 nights, going through Crater Lake again and the Wilamette Valley. Wall outlet for charging at night. Lots of deer in the Mt Rose village area.

Mon Sep 2 (Labor Day) – hike Staircase Rapids Loop Trail, and a bit more along north fork Skokomish river. Snowshoe hare posed for us. Watched some local kids jump in the river, wished I had time to go back and do that – maybe another trip.

Tues Sep 3 – Lake Quinalt area– lake loop road. North fork quinalt river trail 2.5 miles to wolf bar campground. Small garter snake sighting. Aberdeen supercharger both am and pm, breakfast and dinner at Billy’s while charging.

Wed Sep 4 – drive north, see Rocky Brook Falls, then to Sequim supercharger. Hwy 112 to Neah Bay (herd of cow elk, bald eagles near Seiku) for Cape Flattery trail. Common murre and black oystercatchers. Picnic in Neah Bay. Then to next VRBO for 3 nights on the Sol Duc river. Awesome cabin with private hot tub and an RV plug for faster charging of the car. Resident bunny in the evening.

Thurs Sep 5 Hoh Rain Forest. Deer, and a big male elk bull calling and thrashing some bushes on way in. The Hoh River Trail- 10 miles round trip to 5 mile island. Bobcat track at about 3.5-4 miles, we took a picture of it and we knew it was fresh so we walked very quietly, not REALLY expecting to see one - I heard some oncoming hikers and as I started to round a corner the cat was in the trail looking towards the oncoming hikers so didn't hear me - I tried to get my camera out but my husband walking up alerted the cat and off it went into the thick forest. We waited on a log for 15 minutes hoping it would return to the trail, no luck. Also another garter snake. Next went to Rialto Beach briefly, lots of people there.

Fri Sep 6 – Drive to Ozette Lake and hike to Sand Point beach. Lots of boardwalks. Would be great backpack. Bears seen there the day before, not for us. Late afternoon head past Lake Crescent and drive up to Hurricane Ridge. Deer on way up and down, and a grouse taking its time crossing the road.

Sat Sep 7 – begin drive home

Sun Sep 8 – arrive home. 26+ hours almost 1300 miles.

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